Our name stands for craftsmanship and commitment. We started as a family business, father and son. Throughout the Massachusetts South Shore, Cape Cod and beyond, the Falconeiri name has come to represent the finest in both construction expertise and client relationships.

Dominic Falconeiri began his professional career more than 40 years ago as an industrial arts designer and builder, and for several years he taught an Industrial Arts course at a local college. As his talent and ambition grew, he sought to apply his expertise on a grander scale. He assembled a small crew of construction professionals he knew and trusted and expanded the scope of his work to house framing at first and, before long, to a full-fledged construction business. Throughout the years, he remained committed to traditional hands-on craftsmanship until has passing in 2015.


Matthew Falconeiri, Principal and Owner

After earning a B.S. in Economics at UMass Amherst, Matthew joined his father Dominic 25 years ago — turning Falconeiri Construction into a true family business. He began as an entry-level apprentice, quickly learning and excelling at all levels of carpentry from framing to finish to cabinetry work. As he helped the business grow, his expertise and his role grew along with it, from field work to project and administrative management to co-owner. Today he carries on his father’s passion for the craft of building homes the right way.


Bruce Still, Foreman and Lead Carpenter

As an essential part of Falconeiri Construction for more than 30 years, Bruce has become part of the Falconeiri family. Our clients value not only his exceptional work, but also the connection and the trust he develops with them. His skills and his commitment help to elevate our standards for superior work and lasting relationships.


Ryan Kelley, Lead Carpenter

Ryan began his career at Falconeiri Construction 10 years ago as a summer employee during his high school years. He stayed with us even after earning a degree from Providence College, choosing the trade he loves over an office job. Ryan is skilled in all aspects of carpentry from framing to finish work, and he assists in the day-to-day supervision of various sub trades.


Ryan Healey, Lead Carpenter

With a degree in Building Construction and Cabinet Making from the New England Institute of Technology, Ryan joined Falconeiri Construction five years ago. He has the knowledge of a seasoned carpenter, and his considerable skills span the full spectrum of the trade.


In-house Specialty Millwork Shop

Our master craftsmen are adept at transforming your vision into original, customized design pieces — the personal touches of your home. And because these specialists are in-house at Falconeiri Construction, we are able to provide superb finish work for minimal expense. This is just one of the ways we set ourselves apart.